For the visual aspect of the new website of Smart AIS, we need the focus on Asset Integrity, Inspections and 3D laserscanning visuals. For Inspections we did a photoshoot at HSM in Schiedam. To thank our client we treat them to cake. Thanks for you co-orporation HSM.

‘Thank you cake’ for the fotoshoot RDM Training Plant. Thanks to Theo Olijve, Ronald Bal and colleagues. Pictures will be visible soon at the new website of Smart Asset Integrity Solutions BV.

Presentation by Theo Olijve for the Asset@Your Desk service of Smart AIS at the Corrosion seminar in Zandvliet. Smart AIS is partner in the Corrosion Control Alliance. For more information and for all your corrosion issues please visit

Fotoshoot 3D laserscanning for the Smart Asset Integrity Solutions BV new website on the RDM Trainingplant with Dylan van de Loosdrecht, Jaquba and photographer Rob Lamping. The RDM Training Plant is the platform for the industrie for plant practise safety trainings in a realistic setting. Thanks to Ronald Bal and Theo Olijve.

To upgrade the new website of Smart AIS we had a photoshoot at HSM area. Great job with Kyle,  Thomas and photographer Rob Lamping.

Smart AIS was present at the Hogeschool Bedrijvendag 2018 @ Museumpark location of the Hogeschool Rotterdam.

Also PT and MT investigation of welds is one the in house competences of Smart Asset Integrity Solutions BV.

One of our scan engineers is on his way for a 3D laserscan job on the Island of St. Kitts unfortunately a stop over on St. Maarten for few hours.

With the development of our new digital platform with Quatronic, we aim to keep guaranteeing our trademark quality, while at the same time decreasing lead times for our inspections. A crucial component of our new platform is our newly developed inspection tablet application.

This tablet application allows our inspection personnel to always have the latest asset information available on site. Any changes or additions in our asset management application are immediately available on our tablet application. Inspection results are registered digitally as well, making them directly available for assessment and client reporting. The application is also available for offline use, so even in remote locations our inspectors can use our new way of working.

Using our new tablet application alongside our asset management application will allow us to greatly decrease the time needed between the preparation, execution and assessment of an inspection.

Curious how this can improve your business? We will be happy to demonstrate the app with a live demo!