Central digitisation of the entire inspection process of tank farms

f.l.t.r.: Martijn van ’t Wout (BU Manger Smart AIS), Thomas Schouten (CEO Falcker), Duco Boer (CDO Falcker), Marc Steigenga (CEO KH Engineering & Smart AIS).

From one platform full insight into all your assets to perform inspections and plan maintenance programs. This seems futuristic, but nothing could be further from the truth. Through the cooperation between Smart Asset Integrity Solutions (AIS) and Software Developer Falcker, all inspection data for tank farms is available in real time from a single platform. Duco Boer and Thomas Schouten of Falcker talk with Marc Steigenga of KH Engineering and Smart AIS, and Martijn van ’t Wout of Smart AIS about this innovative cooperation in the field of digitalisation.

Marc Steigenga: ‘Our mission is to use our knowledge, experience and technology to create innovative and sustainable solutions for people, the market and the environment. By cooperating with Falcker, I think we are taking the next step towards fulfilling this mission. We take a personal approach and believe that engagement, integrity, and respect form the basis of a strong partnership. It quickly became clear that the DNA of both companies is the same and that we have a bright future together.’

Thomas Schouten: ‘As Software Developers, we are always looking for innovations for our customers. In the field of tankfarms, we were looking for a piping platform, so that we can offer a total solution for our customers using our existing platform that is now focused on tanks and jetties. We already have concrete opportunities at tank farms in the refining, chemical and storage market right now, even though we have only just signed the contract.’

Martijn van ’t Wout: ‘I had heard good stories about Falcker from several customers and I was eager to talk to them about a possible cooperation. During our first meeting we discovered that we use the same development platform. That is unique and also says something about the vision you have. Both companies want to provide customers worldwide with inspection data that is available in one platform in real time. Smart AIS has developed the platform for piping inspection services, but our focus is more on asset integrity, 3D laser scanning and (drone) inspection services. Falcker, on the other hand, has the software platform as its core business and wants to keep developing in that area. A great reason to work together on new innovations, for example in the field of Artificial Intelligence. What I like about our relationship is that we are super direct and straightforward. To me, that is a good basis for a successful collaboration!’

Duco Boer: ‘Smart AIS was the missing link for our Tank Care platform. Preparations have already been made to integrate the systems. By combining Smart AIS’s inspection platform with ours, customers will soon be able to have the raw data at their disposal. This will make them less dependent on external parties to use their own data. Our hands are itching to develop this further, and a dedicated development team is already ready to realize this ambition.’

For more information, please contact martijn.vant.wout@smart-ais.com.


About Smart AIS

Smart Asset Integrity Solutions BV is an independent organisation focusing on asset integrity, 3D laser scanning and (drone) inspection services. From our office in Schiedam, we serve our clients worldwide and have the right technical expertise, the corresponding project organization skills and of course qualified colleagues. The assets of our clients are key to our services. For more information: https://smart-ais.com/.

About Falcker

Falcker Innovations B.V. is a high-tech scale-up with roots in the port of Rotterdam. They are committed to industrial innovations and help developers and companies in the energy sector to design, apply and implement new inspection methods and systems. By integrating high-tech applications with regular inspection systems, they provide maximum insight into the behavior and status of their customers’ assets. See also www.falcker.com.