One of our scan engineers is on his way for a 3D laserscan job on the Island of St. Kitts unfortunately a stop over on St. Maarten for few hours.

With the development of our new digital platform with Quatronic, we aim to keep guaranteeing our trademark quality, while at the same time decreasing lead times for our inspections. A crucial component of our new platform is our newly developed inspection tablet application.

This tablet application allows our inspection personnel to always have the latest asset information available on site. Any changes or additions in our asset management application are immediately available on our tablet application. Inspection results are registered digitally as well, making them directly available for assessment and client reporting. The application is also available for offline use, so even in remote locations our inspectors can use our new way of working.

Using our new tablet application alongside our asset management application will allow us to greatly decrease the time needed between the preparation, execution and assessment of an inspection.

Curious how this can improve your business? We will be happy to demonstrate the app with a live demo!

At Smart Asset Integrity Solutions BV we take our mission very seriously. Taking care of your assets is what we love and our brand new asset management solution takes our services to the next level.

Every successful project is based on a solid foundation. Setting up this foundation is what we have been focusing on the last two weeks. In this period, we have created the functionalities necessary to carefully register our clients’ asset information together with Quatronic. Attached you’ll find a screenshot of the asset detail page.

Having the basics in place will allow us to develop functionalities that will deliver even more added value to our clients. Our next update will give you more insight in exactly how we are planning to do that. Want to know more? Get in touch via contact or LinkedIn:

The new Smart Asset Integrity Solutions (AIS) website is now online. In the near future we keep posting new (blog)articles and pages to share our knowledge and inform you about the possibilities in Asset Integrity. So bookmark our website and stay tuned!