3D Aerial Data Capture

Aerial data information of assets

Utilizing the latest technologies available allows us to execute increasingly complex surveys.  Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) rapidly collect data from spaces that are difficult to access and increase safety on site when expensive rope access teams are no longer required. SMART AIS combines terrestrial and aerial capturing services to deliver more complete as-built information and offer the best value proposition to our customers.

SMART AIS can analyse when UAV’s are favorable to deploy and which software could be used for your project needs. We offer cloud or app based solutions that access the survey data and add intelligence to the data. Adding intelligence makes navigation of the 3d data easier and improves communication between users and engineering teams. All aerial and terrestrial data can be processed into one easily accessible dataset.

Whether you require high resolution photo’s, videos or 3D as-built data, please ask us about the best solution to map existing conditions of your asset.

UAV technology benefits

  • survey large areas fast and economically;
  • add an addition layer of information to 3D terrestrial scan data;
  • ensure safety on- and offshore: less rope access for inspection teams;
  • obtaining high resolution photo’s or video’s;
  • capture as-built asset data;
  • build up the digital asset and BIM process.


Examples of how aerial surveying data can be used include:

  • complete and accurate 3D mapping of buildings, factories or machines;
  • digital terrain models;
  • inspection of areas that are difficult to reach;
  • obtaining orthomosaic maps;
  • unlocking ‘as built’ data via cloud solutions.
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