Effectively maintaining and managing a total asset

To effectively maintain and manage an asset, many things need to be taken into account. These may include issues concerning existing documentation, the location or challenging of designs, carrying out investigations and interpretation of investigations. Many issues and especially the interpretation of these issues are related to appropriate asset management. This management approach stems from the asset management strategy, objectives and policy.

Asset approach

The asset-based approach is our main priority. Because the entire asset management cycle is in our portfolio, we are able to provide appropriate, effective services and support in all facets of an asset’s life cycle. Our primary consideration throughout is to demonstrate an intrinsically safe installation that demonstrably complies with current legislation and regulations.

Smart AIS takes the strain

One of the most important aspects of our service is that we are able to independently combine the interests of the client, criteria from legislation and regulations, and the assessment by independent parties and/or the enforcing body into a workable whole. This creates a workable situation because, together with the customer, we look at which solutions best suit the issues at hand, taking into account the criteria set by legislation and regulations and the organisations that assess or enforce these criteria. Our experience means that customers can be effectively relieved of any concerns. Apart from all the technical aspects, our priority is open, clear and transparent communication, together with the objective to enter into long-term working relationships with customers, built on mutual respect and trust.

Support, help and advice

Thanks to the broad knowledge and experience within the Smart AIS organisation, we are able to offer support, help, advice and consultancy on many current issues and their associated aspects where desired or necessary.

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