What is Asset@Your Desk?

An effective information management system that unlocks data from various information sources. The Asset@Your Desk service creates a complete ‘Digital Twin’ of the customer’s asset, integrating all documentation such as drawings, engineering documents, maintenance information and 3D laser scan data. By converting trapped data into live information feeds, we help customers to troubleshoot problems and identify trends that will help to improve operations. By building up a digital twin of the complete asset, the customer can use this information on a project basis, as well as for the ongoing efficient maintenance and asset management of the installation. The system offers an extra dimension to the ways in which companies access their information during the life cycle of their assets.

Asset@Your Desk benefits

Customers make use of various systems, programs and tools. Asset@Your Desk is a system that incorporates AVEVA.Net and AVEVA Engage software solutions, through customers in the ‘digital twin’ are able to make use of the existing asset. The service is built around the existing systems like a shell and ensures that these different systems and information sources are linked. The service is the perfect solution for information provision during engineering, maintenance and asset management.

It brings together big data sets and provides insight into these data as an information management support system. This improves team collaboration and your operations, data is better visualised, risk and incident management are improved and project maintenance and execution costs are considerably reduced.

With our considerable experience in 3D scanning, engineering and asset management, we can combine these competencies with the AVEVA Net and Engage software solutions and are able to deliver a complete ‘Digital Twin’.

We are convinced that digitalisation can provide huge added value in the work flow of asset owners, which we can also support. We can provide the Asset@Your Desk service from digital database management, including practical staff training and aftercare of the system.

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