Execution and interpreting independent inspections

Inspections are an essential part of good asset maintenance and management. In combination with good knowledge of the background of the customer’s asset, an inspection offers a starting point for assessing integrity, as well as a suitable evaluation in order to temporarily or permanently comply with prevailing legislation and regulations.

It is extremely important to carry out appropriate inspections to allow valid interpretations and provide clear advice on the results to the customer. This requires an independent party which has appropriate inspection expertise and able to prepare inspections in a broad sense, but is also in a position to interpret and evaluate the results adequately. Smart AIS combines all of these requirements within its expertise, and provides added value through its ability to combine them for our customers.

Experienced and qualified

We have qualified personnel available for all of the inspections we perform. They can both carry out the actual inspections, and get the customer involved in the purpose and performance of the inspections. In addition, our inspectors are enthusiastic, motivated and eager-to-learn professionals who are aware of the latest developments in their field. Their infectious motivation often has a positive effect on the working relationship with customers or the motivation of their staff.

The inspections

In all phases of an asset’s life cycle, Smart AIS is able to carry out inspections and realise the necessary quality assurance. We operate worldwide, both on land and at sea.

Some of the areas we carry out inspections in include:

• Welding

• Coating

• Non-destructive testing

• Manufacturing

• Pressure equipment

• Quality control audits

• Pipeline installation

• Platform/Topside installation

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