Capture 3D images of any situation quickly and accurately

In many sectors, 3D laser scanning is the standard for capturing the exact ‘as-built’ situation. With the help of a 3D laser scan, any environment can be presented in 3D at lightning speed and down to the smallest details. The use of laser scanning is often applied when making modifications. Often, there is limited survey time to measure everything, complex-shaped objects are involved or the environment to be measured is unclear, dangerous and difficult to reach (due to heat or gas). Laser scanning is also the best way to collect 3D data if construction problems, such as deformations or misalignments arise, or when 3D data needs to be reused for future purpose.

What is 3D laser scanning?

A 3D laser scan is a distance measurement performed using a laser scanner; an optical instrument that projects a pulsating laser beam on an object. When the laser beam is reflected back, it is captured by the scanner. The scanner collects up to 2 million points per second. Because the 3D laser scanner cannot see through objects, we make scans from multiple positions to obtain a complete 3D image. During the post-processing phase, the individual scans are combined with the help of software into a complete 3D point cloud. The result is a complete and accurate representation of the object or environment. In addition to the scans, the scanner can also produce a full 360-degree colour photo from any position. The photos are used to colorize the point cloud and are used in online applications such as our WebshareCloud environment. After delivery, the point cloud is available for further 3D engineering in systems such as PDMS/E3D, Revit, Autocad, Navisworks and many more.


Examples of how laser scanning can be used include:

  • complete and accurate 3D mapping of buildings, factories or machines;
  • the visualization of a complete ‘as-built’ for modification and maintenance purposes within industry;
  • obtaining reliable and up-to-date information and drawings during renovation or redevelopment of buildings and building management;
  • deformation analysis and research into deformation or displacements;
  • unlocking ‘as built’ data via cloud solutions.

Webshare Cloud

SMART AIS offers an additional service to our customers: viewing their pointcloud data in Webshare Cloud.

  • The Webshare Cloud environment adds functionality like sharing 3D measurements and annotations.
  • Add documents to the Webshare Cloud and share them online with project team members via a safe and secure environment.
  • Online use and sharing of annotation labels, redlining and as built site dimensions. Organized by using categories and tags


  •  At Smart AIS, we look at the full picture of the customer’s needs. All of our colleagues have a technical background and know what’s going on, what the customer really needs and where certain problems may exist.
  • We think along with our customers and can provide short- and long-term advice. For example, we tell them how a scan can be reused for other purposes or we show customers what they can do with scans in the future.
  • Technical developments happen fast. At Smart AIS, we are focused on optimising our approach. We encourage innovation and strategic collaboration.
  • We are flexible. We try to answer questions or requests directly and convert this into action for the customer.
  • At Smart AIS, we scan worldwide, in various sectors and our colleagues are certified to work in these
  • Through our extensive experience and expertise, our focus is on relieving customers. Meeting the customer’s expectations as closely as possible is our main priority.
  • You can also combine scanning with our other services, such as our Asset@Your Desk service. This opens up a world of digital information opportunities to you. Your own ICT systems and programs can be linked to Asset@Your Desk, making all of your information available centrally.

Smart AIS laser scanning services

  • Laser scanning/surveying of existing environments and situations for engineering;
  • 3D ‘as built’ CAD/BIM models from point cloud data;
  • Creation of 3D animations and 4D construction simulation;
  • Clash/Interference detection of point cloud data compared to 3D models;
  • Deformation analysis for (periodic) inspection using point clouds;
  • Engineering data integration in the WebshareCloud environment;
  • 3D verification of the design during construction;
  • 360-degree VR recording;
  • 3D aerial data capture.

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